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World of Warcraft: TCG The Hunt for Illidan Card List

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Total Cards: 252
  # Card Title Faction Card Type Rarity Purchase On...
  1 "Black Ice" Fizzlefreeze Alliance Hero Uncommon
  151 "Deathgrip" Jones Horde Ally Common
  153 "Eyeball" Jones Horde Ally Uncommon
  139 "Scrapper" Ironbane Alliance Ally Common
  164 "The Painsaw" Horde Ally Common
  117 Acolyte Kemistra Alliance Ally Uncommon
  95 Aftermath Neutral Ability Rare
  235 Against the Illidari Neutral Quest Common
  195 Akama Neutral Ally Epic
  236 Akama's Promise Neutral Quest Common
  204 Akama's Sash Neutral Armor Rare
  118 Alamira Grovetender Alliance Ally Common
  145 Alecia Hall Horde Ally Common
  196 Ambassador Jerrikar Neutral Ally Rare
  173 Anchorite Ceyla Neutral Ally Epic
  174 Anchorite Kilandra Neutral Ally Common
  205 Ar'tor's Mainstay Neutral Armor Rare
  45 Arcane Research Neutral Ability Common
  184 Arcanist Bartis Neutral Ally Common
  185 Arcanist Renaan Neutral Ally Common
  186 Arcanist Thelis Neutral Ally Rare
  223 Ashtongue Blade Neutral Weapon Uncommon
  46 Astral Grief Neutral Ability Common
  197 Azaloth Neutral Ally Rare
  35 Bait the Trap Neutral Ability Uncommon
  218 Band of the Inevitable Neutral Item Rare
  237 Bane of the Illidari Neutral Quest Common
  238 Battle of the Crimson Watch Neutral Quest Common
  187 Battlemage Vyara Neutral Ally Rare
  119 Bimble Blackout Alliance Ally Uncommon
  2 Blaine Roberts Alliance Hero Uncommon
  47 Blast Wave Neutral Ability Rare
  55 Blessing of Salvation Neutral Ability Uncommon
  56 Blessing of Sanctuary Neutral Ability Rare
  146 Blood Guard Gulmok Horde Ally Epic
  147 Blood Knight Kyria Horde Ally Common
  224 Bloodwarder's Rifle Neutral Weapon Rare
  206 Borak's Belt of Bravery Neutral Armor Uncommon
  25 Brace or Mace Neutral Ability Uncommon
  48 Brain Lock Neutral Ability Common
  120 Brodien Alliance Ally Uncommon
  148 Brok Bloodcaller Horde Ally Uncommon
  149 Chief Apothecary Hildagard Horde Ally Epic
  65 Circle of Healing Neutral Ability Rare
  96 Clinging Curse Neutral Ability Common
  207 Coif of the Wicked Neutral Armor Rare
  198 Collidus the Warp-Watcher Neutral Ally Epic
  85 Crackling Purge Neutral Ability Uncommon
  57 Crusader's Sweep Neutral Ability Common
  97 Crush Soul Neutral Ability Common
  98 Curse of Exhaustion Neutral Ability Rare
  121 Dashel Stonefist Alliance Ally Uncommon
  150 Dawn Ravensdale Horde Ally Common
  122 Defender Nagalaas Alliance Ally Common
  99 Demon Armor Neutral Ability Uncommon
  75 Dirty Work Neutral Ability Rare
  105 Disarm Neutral Ability Common
  76 Disassemble Neutral Ability Common
  115 Disco Inferno! Neutral Ability Rare
  58 Divine Plea Neutral Ability Rare
  66 Divine Spirit Neutral Ability Rare
  208 Doomplate Shoulderguards Neutral Armor Uncommon
  199 Doomwalker Neutral Ally Epic
  3 Durga Gravestone Alliance Hero Uncommon
  106 Duty Bound Neutral Ability Uncommon
  200 Edward the Odd Neutral Ally Epic
  123 Elaar Alliance Ally Rare
  152 Elder Huntsman Swiftshot Horde Ally Rare
  4 Elumeria Wildershot Alliance Hero Uncommon
  26 Energize Neutral Ability Common
  100 Enslave Demon Neutral Ability Uncommon
  67 Equal Opportunity Neutral Ability Common
  5 Eriun Moonglow Alliance Hero Uncommon
  201 Ethereal Plunderer Neutral Ally Rare
  175 Exarch Onaala Neutral Ally Epic
  86 Exemplar's Blades Neutral Ability Uncommon
  59 Exemplar's Shield Neutral Ability Uncommon
  68 Faces from the Past Neutral Ability Rare
  20 Famish the Binder Horde Hero Uncommon
  87 Far Sight Neutral Ability Common
  77 Feint Neutral Ability Common
  225 Felsteel Whisper Knives Neutral Weapon Rare
  27 Feral Energy Neutral Ability Rare
  28 Ferociousness Neutral Ability Common
  78 Fight or Blight Neutral Ability Uncommon
  107 Finishing Shout Neutral Ability Uncommon
  124 First Responder Avaressa Alliance Ally Common
  125 First Responder Margan Alliance Ally Common
  154 Flame Bender Ta'jin Horde Ally Uncommon
  49 Flickers from the Past Neutral Ability Rare
  155 Forager Cloudbloom Horde Ally Uncommon
  156 Forager Hoofbeat Horde Ally Common
  60 Full Circle Neutral Ability Rare
  29 Furor Neutral Ability Rare
  88 Gifts from the Past Neutral Ability Rare
  209 Gloves of the High Magus Neutral Armor Epic
  210 Greaves of Desolation Neutral Armor Rare
  10 Grindel Hellbringer Horde Hero Uncommon
  226 Hammer of the Naaru Neutral Weapon Epic
  126 Harnum Firebelly Alliance Ally Common
  212 Hauberk of Karabor Neutral Armor Rare
  127 High Instructor Campbell Alliance Ally Rare
  188 Historian Firana Neutral Ally Common
  61 Holy Shock Neutral Ability Rare
  242 I Was a Lot of Things Neutral Quest Common
  37 Ice Trap Neutral Ability Common
  157 Illia the Bitter Horde Ally Common
  227 Illidari-Bane Mageblade Neutral Weapon Uncommon
  21 Imp Lord Pinprik Neutral Hero Uncommon
  108 Infuriate Neutral Ability Rare
  30 Insect Swarm Neutral Ability Rare
  176 Instructor Giralo Neutral Ally Common
  11 Joren the Martyr Horde Hero Uncommon
  158 Kaelos Sunscream Horde Ally Common
  159 Kam'pah Horde Ally Common
  6 Kamboozle, Bringer of Doom Alliance Hero Uncommon
  128 Kathia the Quick Alliance Ally Common
  129 Kindara Mindflayer Alliance Ally Common
  79 Knock Out Neutral Ability Uncommon
  12 Koth, Caller of the Hunt Horde Hero Uncommon
  130 Kurdran Wildhammer Alliance Ally Epic
  19 Kurzon the False Alliance Hero Uncommon
  69 Lesser Heal Neutral Ability Common
  70 Levitate Neutral Ability Common
  131 Liandra Rustshadow Alliance Ally Common
  89 Lightning Arc Neutral Ability Common
  219 Lightwarden's Band Neutral Item Rare
  132 Lord Cindervein Alliance Ally Common
  160 Lu'ka de Wall Horde Ally Common
  228 Lucky Strike Axe Neutral Weapon Rare
  133 Luumon Alliance Ally Common
  134 Madison Alters Alliance Ally Uncommon
  50 Mage Armor Neutral Ability Uncommon
  189 Magistrix Valthin Neutral Ally Uncommon
  90 Magma Totem Neutral Ability Common
  202 Maiev Shadowsong Neutral Ally Epic
  71 Mana Burst Neutral Ability Uncommon
  213 Mana-Etched Spaulders Neutral Armor Uncommon
  7 Marta Spires Alliance Hero Uncommon
  80 Massacre Neutral Ability Uncommon
  135 Master Marksman McGee Alliance Ally Rare
  220 Medallion of the Lightbearer Neutral Item Uncommon
  91 Mend or End Neutral Ability Uncommon
  72 Mindflip Neutral Ability Rare
  244 Minions of the Shadow Council Neutral Quest Rare
  22 Mother Misery Neutral Hero Uncommon
  214 Naaru Belt of Precision Neutral Armor Rare
  161 Natasha Hutchins Horde Ally Common
  215 Netherwing Protector's Shield Neutral Armor Uncommon
  23 Obliveron Neutral Hero Uncommon
  162 Offender Gora Horde Ally Uncommon
  136 Ol' Stonewall Alliance Ally Common
  81 Overkill Neutral Ability Rare
  163 Overlord Or'barokh Horde Ally Rare
  38 Patient Shot Neutral Ability Common
  216 Pauldrons of Desolation Neutral Armor Rare
  13 Phosphus the Everburning Horde Hero Uncommon
  109 Pummel Neutral Ability Rare
  165 Ra'waza Stonetusk Horde Ally Common
  137 Raena the Unpredictable Alliance Ally Common
  101 Rain or Pain Neutral Ability Uncommon
  92 Raise from the Ashes Neutral Ability Rare
  14 Ravenna Horde Hero Uncommon
  31 Rebirth Neutral Ability Uncommon
  246 Reclaiming Holy Grounds Neutral Quest Uncommon
  190 Retainer Alashon Neutral Ally Rare
  191 Retainer Faryn Neutral Ally Uncommon
  192 Retainer Kai Neutral Ally Common
  193 Retainer Marcus Neutral Ally Uncommon
  232 Retainer's Blade Neutral Weapon Rare
  233 Return to the Aldor Neutral Quest Common
  234 Return to the Scryers Neutral Quest Common
  62 Righteousness Aura Neutral Ability Common
  15 Ringleader Kuma Horde Hero Uncommon
  138 Ripley Spellfizzle Alliance Ally Common
  166 Roger Mortis Horde Ally Common
  167 Roon Plainswalker Horde Ally Common
  32 Rotten to the Spore Neutral Ability Rare
  82 Sap Neutral Ability Common
  102 Sarlia Neutral Ally Rare
  221 Scryer's Bloodgem Neutral Item Uncommon
  63 Seal of Retribution Neutral Ability Common
  222 Seer's Signet Neutral Item Rare
  39 Shadow Neutral Ally Common
  73 Shadow Word: Agony Neutral Ability Uncommon
  83 Shadowstep Neutral Ability Rare
  64 Shield or Wield Neutral Ability Uncommon
  168 Skronk Skullseeker Horde Ally Common
  248 Skywing Neutral Quest Rare
  110 Slay or Stay Neutral Ability Uncommon
  52 Smoke or Croak Neutral Ability Uncommon
  140 Spirit of Stormrage Alliance Ally Epic
  93 Spirit Weapons Neutral Ability Rare
  40 Stable Master Neutral Ability Uncommon
  229 Staff of the Ashtongue Deathsworn Neutral Weapon Rare
  33 Stormfire Neutral Ability Common
  53 Supernova Neutral Ability Uncommon
  111 Sweeping Strikes Neutral Ability Rare
  250 Tabards of the Illidari Neutral Quest Common
  16 Tahanu Brinkrunner Horde Hero Uncommon
  141 Talian Bladebender Alliance Ally Common
  112 Taste for Blood Neutral Ability Common
  113 Taunting Blows Neutral Ability Common
  251 Teron Gorefiend, I Am Neutral Quest Common
  36 The Beast Within Neutral Ability Rare
  239 The Cipher of Damnation Neutral Quest Common
  240 The Deathforge Neutral Quest Uncommon
  241 The Fel and the Furious Neutral Quest Common
  116 The Footsteps of Illidan Neutral Ability Uncommon
  211 The Hands of Fate Neutral Armor Rare
  243 The Lexicon Demonica Neutral Quest Rare
  51 The More, the Scarier Neutral Ability Rare
  245 The Path of Conquest Neutral Quest Common
  247 The Secret Compromised Neutral Quest Common
  169 The Soul Conductor Horde Ally Rare
  249 The Summoning Chamber Neutral Quest Uncommon
  177 Thief Catcher Norun Neutral Ally Common
  230 Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy Neutral Weapon Uncommon
  94 Totemic Mastery Neutral Ability Rare
  41 Trueshot Aura Neutral Ability Rare
  170 Tusk Horde Ally Uncommon
  34 Typhoon Neutral Ability Uncommon
  8 Vakeron Alliance Hero Uncommon
  17 Valterus Horde Hero Uncommon
  194 Varen the Reclaimer Neutral Ally Epic
  103 Velnoth Neutral Ally Common
  104 Vicious Circle Neutral Ability Rare
  84 Vigor Neutral Ability Rare
  178 Vindicator Aluumen Neutral Ally Rare
  179 Vindicator Falaan Neutral Ally Rare
  180 Vindicator Javlo Neutral Ally Common
  181 Vindicator Kentho Neutral Ally Uncommon
  182 Vindicator Lorin Neutral Ally Uncommon
  183 Vindicator Vasha Neutral Ally Uncommon
  231 Vindicator's Brand Neutral Weapon Rare
  42 Viper Sting Neutral Ability Rare
  114 Vitality Neutral Ability Rare
  18 Warmaster Bo'jo Horde Hero Uncommon
  217 Wastewalker Shoulderpads Neutral Armor Uncommon
  54 Water Elemental Neutral Ally Rare
  43 Webster Neutral Ally Rare
  252 What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets Neutral Quest Uncommon
  142 Wildwatcher Elandra Alliance Ally Common
  143 Wimbly Tinkerton Alliance Ally Uncommon
  44 Wipe or Snipe Neutral Ability Uncommon
  74 Woe or Grow Neutral Ability Uncommon
  171 Xela the Tormentor Horde Ally Rare
  203 Xi'ri Neutral Ally Epic
  24 Xia, Queen of Suffering Neutral Hero Uncommon
  172 Ya'za the Vandal Horde Ally Common
  9 Zaritha Alliance Hero Uncommon
  144 Zorus the Judicator Alliance Ally Rare
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