Magic: The Gathering Guildpact Card List

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Total Cards: 166
  # Card Title Faction Card Type Rarity Purchase On...
  1 Absolver Thrull White Common
  43 Abyssal Nocturnus Black Rare
  100 Agent of Masks White/Black Uncommon
  101 Angel of Despair White/Black Rare
  79 Battering Wurm Green Uncommon
  80 Beastmaster's Magemark Green Common
  2 Belfry Spirit White Uncommon
  3 Benediction of Moons White Common
  81 Bioplasm Green Rare
  102 Blind Hunter White/Black Common
  64 Bloodscale Prowler Red Common
  103 Borborygmos Red/Green Rare
  104 Burning-Tree Bloodscale Red/Green Common
  105 Burning-Tree Shaman Red/Green Rare
  106 Castigate White/Black Common
  44 Caustic Rain Black Uncommon
  107 Cerebral Vortex Blue/Red Rare
  108 Conjurer's Ban White/Black Uncommon
  82 Crash Landing Green Uncommon
  45 Cremate Black Common
  45 Cremate Black Instant Common
  46 Cry of Contrition Black Common
  47 Cryptwailing Black Uncommon
  23 Crystal Seer Blue Common
  109 Culling Sun White/Black Rare
  48 Daggerclaw Imp Black Uncommon
  141 Debtors' Knell White/Black Rare
  142 Djinn Illuminatus Blue/Red Rare
  49 Douse in Gloom Black Common
  4 Droning Bureaucrats White Uncommon
  24 Drowned Rusalka Blue Uncommon
  83 Dryad Sophisticate Green Uncommon
  110 Dune-Brood Nephilim White/Black/Red/Green Rare
  84 Earth Surge Green Rare
  111 Electrolyze Blue/Red Uncommon
  50 Exhumer Thrull Black Uncommon
  65 Fencer's Magemark Red Common
  112 Feral Animist Red/Green Uncommon
  25 Frazzle Blue Uncommon
  85 Gatherer of Graces Green Uncommon
  113 Gelectrode Blue/Red Uncommon
  66 Ghor-Clan Bloodscale Red Uncommon
  86 Ghor-Clan Savage Green Common
  114 Ghost Council of Orzhova White/Black Rare
  5 Ghost Warden White Common
  6 Ghostway White Rare
  143 Giant Solifuge Red/Green Rare
  26 Gigadrowse Blue Common
  115 Glint-Eye Nephilim Blue/Black/Red/Green Rare
  116 Goblin Flectomancer Blue/Red Uncommon
  157 Godless Shrine Rare
  7 Graven Dominator White Rare
  87 Gristleback Green Uncommon
  144 Gruul Guildmage Red/Green Uncommon
  88 Gruul Nodorog Green Common
  89 Gruul Scrapper Green Common
  150 Gruul Signet Common
  158 Gruul Turf Common
  151 Gruul War Plow Rare
  8 Guardian's Magemark White Common
  9 Harrier Griffin White Uncommon
  27 Hatching Plans Blue Rare
  51 Hissing Miasma Black Uncommon
  67 Hypervolt Grasp Red Uncommon
  28 Infiltrator's Magemark Blue Common
  117 Ink-Treader Nephilim White/Blue/Red/Green Rare
  118 Invoke the Firemind Blue/Red Rare
  159 Izzet Boilerworks Common
  119 Izzet Chronarch Blue/Red Common
  145 Izzet Guildmage Blue/Red Uncommon
  152 Izzet Signet Common
  120 Killer Instinct Red/Green Rare
  121 Leap of Flame Blue/Red Common
  90 Leyline of Lifeforce Green Rare
  68 Leyline of Lightning Red Rare
  29 Leyline of Singularity Blue Rare
  10 Leyline of the Meek White Rare
  52 Leyline of the Void Black Rare
  11 Lionheart Maverick White Common
  69 Living Inferno Red Rare
  12 Martyred Rusalka White Uncommon
  30 Mimeofacture Blue Rare
  153 Mizzium Transreliquat Rare
  154 Moratorium Stone Rare
  122 Mortify White/Black Uncommon
  146 Mourning Thrull White/Black Common
  53 Necromancer's Magemark Black Common
  123 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Blue/Red Rare
  160 Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind Uncommon
  70 Ogre Savant Red Common
  13 Order of the Stars White Uncommon
  161 Orzhov Basilica Common
  54 Orzhov Euthanist Black Common
  147 Orzhov Guildmage White/Black Uncommon
  124 Orzhov Pontiff White/Black Rare
  155 Orzhov Signet Common
  162 Orzhova, the Church of Deals Uncommon
  55 Ostiary Thrull Black Common
  71 Parallectric Feedback Red Rare
  148 Petrahydrox Blue/Red Common
  91 Petrified Wood-Kin Green Rare
  125 Pillory of the Sleepless White/Black Common
  56 Plagued Rusalka Black Uncommon
  57 Poisonbelly Ogre Black Common
  92 Predatory Focus Green Uncommon
  93 Primeval Light Green Uncommon
  72 Pyromatics Red Common
  31 Quicken Blue Rare
  73 Rabble-Rouser Red Uncommon
  32 Repeal Blue Common
  58 Restless Bones Black Common
  59 Revenant Patriarch Black Uncommon
  126 Rumbling Slum Red/Green Rare
  33 Runeboggle Blue Common
  60 Sanguine Praetor Black Rare
  127 Savage Twister Red/Green Uncommon
  128 Scab-Clan Mauler Red/Green Common
  129 Schismotivate Blue/Red Uncommon
  74 Scorched Rusalka Red Uncommon
  61 Seize the Soul Black Rare
  14 Shadow Lance White Uncommon
  75 Shattering Spree Red Uncommon
  15 Shrieking Grotesque White Common
  76 Siege of Towers Red Rare
  94 Silhana Ledgewalker Green Common
  95 Silhana Starfletcher Green Common
  16 Sinstriker's Will White Uncommon
  163 Skarrg, the Rage Pits Uncommon
  77 Skarrgan Firebird Red Rare
  96 Skarrgan Pit-Skulk Green Common
  130 Skarrgan Skybreaker Red/Green Uncommon
  62 Skeletal Vampire Black Rare
  34 Sky Swallower Blue Rare
  17 Skyrider Trainee White Common
  63 Smogsteed Rider Black Uncommon
  131 Souls of the Faultless White/Black Uncommon
  18 Spelltithe Enforcer White Rare
  97 Starved Rusalka Green Uncommon
  164 Steam Vents Land Rare
  35 Steamcore Weird Blue Common
  132 Stitch in Time Blue/Red Rare
  165 Stomping Ground Rare
  19 Storm Herd White Rare
  36 Stratozeppelid Blue Uncommon
  133 Streetbreaker Wurm Red/Green Common
  156 Sword of the Paruns Rare
  134 Teysa, Orzhov Scion White/Black Rare
  37 Thunderheads Blue Uncommon
  135 Tibor and Lumia Blue/Red Rare
  78 Tin Street Hooligan Red Common
  20 To Arms! White Uncommon
  38 Torch Drake Blue Common
  39 Train of Thought Blue Common
  136 Ulasht, the Hate Seed Red/Green Rare
  40 Vacuumelt Blue Uncommon
  41 Vedalken Plotter Blue Uncommon
  42 Vertigo Spawn Blue Uncommon
  137 Wee Dragonauts Blue/Red Common
  149 Wild Cantor Red/Green Common
  98 Wildsize Green Common
  138 Witch-Maw Nephilim White/Blue/Black/Green Rare
  21 Withstand White Common
  139 Wreak Havoc Red/Green Uncommon
  99 Wurmweaver Coil Green Rare
  140 Yore-Tiller Nephilim White/Blue/Black/Red Rare
  22 Blue Uncommon
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