Magic: The Gathering Future Sight Card List

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Total Cards: 180
  # Card Title Faction Card Type Rarity Purchase On...
  159 Akroma's Memorial Artifact Rare
  1 Angel of Salvation White Rare
  94 Arc Blade Red Uncommon
  48 Arcanum Wings Blue Uncommon
  2 Augur il-Vec White Common
  63 Augur of Skulls Black Common
  32 Aven Augur Blue Common
  18 Aven Mindcensor White Uncommon
  3 Barren Glory White Rare
  142 Baru, Fist of Krosa Green Rare
  80 Bitter Ordeal Black Rare
  19 Blade of the Sixth Pride White Common
  49 Blind Phantasm Blue Common
  110 Bloodshot Trainee Red Uncommon
  95 Bogardan Lancer Red Common
  111 Boldwyr Intimidator Red Uncommon
  50 Bonded Fetch Blue Uncommon
  20 Bound in Silence White Uncommon
  81 Bridge from Below Black Rare
  143 Centaur Omenreader Green Uncommon
  96 Char-Rumbler Red Uncommon
  4 Chronomantic Escape White Uncommon
  160 Cloud Key Rare
  33 Cloudseeder Blue Uncommon
  161 Coalition Relic Rare
  34 Cryptic Annelid Blue Uncommon
  64 Cutthroat il-Dal Black Common
  125 Cyclical Evolution Green Uncommon
  169 Dakmor Salvage Uncommon
  167 Darksteel Garrison Rare
  21 Daybreak Coronet White Rare
  82 Death Rattle Black Common
  83 Deepcavern Imp Black Common
  35 Delay Blue Uncommon
  174 Dryad Arbor Green Uncommon
  5 Dust of Moments White Uncommon
  144 Edge of Autumn Green Common
  97 Emberwilde Augur Red Common
  112 Emblem of the Warmind Red Uncommon
  162 Epochrasite Rare
  6 Even the Odds White Uncommon
  98 Fatal Attraction Red Common
  65 Festering March Black Uncommon
  84 Fleshwrither Black Uncommon
  113 Flowstone Embrace Red Common
  114 Fomori Nomad Red Common
  126 Force of Savagery Green Rare
  36 Foresee Blue Common
  85 Frenzy Sliver Black Common
  99 Gathan Raiders Red Common
  115 Ghostfire Common
  66 Gibbering Descent Black Rare
  7 Gift of Granite White Common
  156 Glittering Wish White/Green Rare
  22 Goldmeadow Lookout White Uncommon
  67 Grave Peril Black Common
  86 Grave Scrabbler Black Common
  175 Graven Cairns Rare
  116 Grinning Ignus Red Common
  176 Grove of the Burnwillows Rare
  100 Haze of Rage Red Uncommon
  127 Heartwood Storyteller Green Rare
  117 Henchfiend of Ukor Red Common
  118 Homing Sliver Red Common
  177 Horizon Canopy Rare
  68 Ichor Slick Black Common
  23 Imperial Mask White Rare
  145 Imperiosaur Green Uncommon
  37 Infiltrator il-Kor Blue Common
  8 Intervention Pact White Rare
  157 Jhoira of the Ghitu Blue/Red Rare
  9 Judge Unworthy White Common
  128 Kavu Primarch Green Common
  170 Keldon Megaliths Uncommon
  10 Knight of Sursi White Common
  87 Korlash, Heir to Blackblade Black Rare
  38 Leaden Fists Blue Common
  51 Linessa, Zephyr Mage Blue Rare
  129 Llanowar Augur Green Common
  130 Llanowar Empath Green Common
  131 Llanowar Mentor Green Uncommon
  171 Llanowar Reborn Uncommon
  52 Logic Knot Blue Common
  11 Lost Auramancers White Uncommon
  69 Lost Hours Black Common
  24 Lucent Liminid White Common
  25 Lumithread Field White Common
  26 Lymph Sliver White Common
  39 Maelstrom Djinn Blue Rare
  70 Magus of the Abyss Black Rare
  40 Magus of the Future Blue Rare
  12 Magus of the Moat White Rare
  101 Magus of the Moon Red Rare
  132 Magus of the Vineyard Green Rare
  13 Marshaling Cry White Common
  88 Mass of Ghouls Black Common
  53 Mesmeric Sliver Blue Common
  71 Minions' Murmurs Black Uncommon
  27 Mistmeadow Skulk White Uncommon
  102 Molten Disaster Red Rare
  146 Muraganda Petroglyphs Green Rare
  41 Mystic Speculation Blue Uncommon
  147 Nacatl War-Pride Green Uncommon
  54 Narcomoeba Blue Uncommon
  148 Nessian Courser Green Common
  172 New Benalia Uncommon
  72 Nihilith Black Rare
  178 Nimbus Maze Rare
  55 Nix Blue Rare
  73 Oblivion Crown Black Common
  28 Oriss, Samite Guardian White Rare
  42 Pact of Negation Blue Rare
  103 Pact of the Titan Red Rare
  29 Patrician's Scorn White Common
  133 Petrified Plating Green Common
  149 Phosphorescent Feast Green Uncommon
  74 Pooling Venom Black Uncommon
  75 Putrid Cyclops Black Common
  104 Pyromancer's Swath Red Rare
  150 Quagnoth Green Rare
  134 Quiet Disrepair Green Common
  30 Ramosian Revivalist White Uncommon
  135 Ravaging Riftwurm Green Uncommon
  43 Reality Strobe Blue Uncommon
  105 Riddle of Lightning Red Common
  106 Rift Elemental Red Common
  136 Riftsweeper Green Uncommon
  137 Rites of Flourishing Green Rare
  179 River of Tears Rare
  14 Saltskitter White Common
  15 Samite Censer-Bearer White Common
  56 Sarcomite Myr Blue Common
  107 Scourge of Kher Ridges Red Rare
  16 Scout's Warning White Rare
  57 Second Wind Blue Uncommon
  31 Seht's Tiger White Rare
  119 Shah of Naar Isle Red Rare
  58 Shapeshifter's Marrow Blue Rare
  76 Shimian Specter Black Creature Rare
  108 Shivan Sand-Mage Red Uncommon
  77 Skirk Ridge Exhumer Black Uncommon
  120 Skizzik Surger Red Uncommon
  78 Slaughter Pact Black Rare
  158 Sliver Legion White/Blue/Black/Red/Green Rare
  163 Sliversmith Uncommon
  89 Snake Cult Initiation Black Uncommon
  164 Soultether Golem Uncommon
  109 Sparkspitter Red Uncommon
  59 Spellweaver Volute Blue Rare
  151 Spellwild Ouphe Green Uncommon
  60 Spin into Myth Blue Uncommon
  17 Spirit en-Dal White Uncommon
  152 Sporoloth Ancient Green Common
  138 Sprout Swarm Green Common
  121 Steamflogger Boss Red Rare
  122 Storm Entity Red Uncommon
  90 Street Wraith Black Uncommon
  79 Stronghold Rats Black Uncommon
  139 Summoner's Pact Green Rare
  165 Sword of the Meek Uncommon
  44 Take Possession Blue Rare
  153 Tarmogoyf Green Rare
  123 Tarox Bladewing Red Rare
  154 Thornweald Archer Green Common
  124 Thunderblade Charge Red Rare
  173 Tolaria West Uncommon
  91 Tombstalker Black Rare
  45 Unblinking Bleb Blue Common
  140 Utopia Mycon Green Uncommon
  61 Blue Common
  166 Veilstone Amulet Rare
  47 Venser's Diffusion Blue Common
  46 Venser, Shaper Savant Blue Rare
  155 Virulent Sliver Green Common
  168 Whetwheel Rare
  62 Whip-Spine Drake Blue Common
  92 Witch's Mist Black Uncommon
  141 Wrap in Vigor Green Common
  93 Yixlid Jailer Black Uncommon
  180 Zoetic Cavern Uncommon
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