Magic: The Gathering Eighth Edition Card List

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Total Cards: 25
  # Card Title Faction Card Type Rarity Purchase On...
  59 Air Elemental Blue Creature Uncommon
  233 Birds of Paradise Green Creature Rare
  120 Bog Wraith Black Creature Uncommon
  10 Circle of Protection: Black White Enchantment Uncommon
  11 Circle of Protection: Blue White Enchantment Common
  12 Circle of Protection: Green White Enchantment Common
  13 Circle of Protection: Red White Enchantment Common
  14 Circle of Protection: White White Enchantment Common
  254 Giant Growth Green Instant Common
  84 Index Blue Sorcery Common
  85 Inspiration Blue Instant Common
  26 Intrepid Hero White Creature Rare
  306 Jayemdae Tome Artifact Rare
  89 Mana Leak Blue Instant Common
  144 Mind Rot Black Sorcery Common
  270 Naturalize Green Instant Common
  33 Pacifism White Enchantment Common
  310 Phyrexian Hulk Artifact Creature Uncommon
  35 Rain of Blades White Instant Uncommon
  158 Ravenous Rats Black Creature Common
  276 Revive Green Sorcery Uncommon
  96 Rewind Blue Instant Uncommon
  45 Serra Angel White Creature Rare
  112 Unsummon Blue Instant Common
  114 Wind Drake Blue Creature Common
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